1. Hawk 5 operations computer

  • Displays easy-to-read, real-time water, concrete and admix flow rates
  • Repeat any mix design with 100% accuracy
  • Includes RF-controlled remote drive system
  • Switch between air (manual) or electric (automatic) control
  • Automated throttle control
  • Ends reliance on meter counts

2. Enhanced delivery system

  • Mixes and delivers up to 40% more concrete per minute than comparable mixers
  • 60° pourable auger swing

3. Dual short chute extension cylinders

4. Counterbalance hydraulic pressure release

5. Work lights for 24/7 operation

6. Hydraulic gates allow controlled release of product (interior component)

Hydraulic Lines
Work Lights
Hydraulic lines
The vibrator shakes the aggregate and the sand to keep all mixture moving.
Lights for working at any time of the day.
These gears power different components of the mixer.
  • Sand, Aggregate and Cement Bins
    The bins for sand, aggregate and cement is conveniently located on the top of the truck for easy fill and cleaning.
  • Hatch
    The water storage tank.
  • Chute Extenders
    Additional extenders ensure that you always have the right length chute for a perfect pour.
  • Auger Mixing Blade Cover
    The access flap for the mixing augers on the discharge chute allows an uninterrupted work flow. It also allows easy clean-up.
  • Admix Tanks
    Admixture tanks that can hold additional chemicals, etc. needed for your pour.